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Hey Guys! Whats Up? Hows school going for those of you who went back? Jena dear dont worry I'm sure things will get loads better! <333
Just out of curiousity does anyone even care if we keep this community going? Or does everyone just like the idea of rating on people when they apply. Thats not all its about. I'm not trying to be a bitch. But your all saying who's gonna wanna apply to a community thats not fun and has rules? Well who's gonna wanna apply to a community that doesnt do anything? You guys have to promote. So Amy + I agreed that we're making promoting a requirement for staying in this community. You gotta promote to at least 2 communities and/or users a week. And give us the link to it in the community. If you dont do it.. you get warned. You still dont do it and sorry but your out. Cummon guys thats not to much to ask. And if you think it is. You dont belong here. We wanna keep this community alive. And you should too.
The banner should be put in your profile's for el-jay too guys.
And we've decided we're gonna do themes. All you have to do is post pictures of something to do with this week's topic.
This week's theme: Back2School. You can post anything from back to school. Actually school, books, stuff from back to school shopping etc. You got til next Thursday to get the pics in. If you have a problem or really cant do theme's leave something in the community. Or get at me or amy online ( purfectxnobodie or Onlii One x3 ).

Last suggestion made was that we have a layout designer responcible for doing our layout and fixing problems with it. We offered the position to Mario. He's a bit nervous about it and says he'll give us an answer tomorrow. He's awesome at layout though. He did Amy's journal, my journal, his, and my friend kylara's. I think he needs a lil confidence and reassurance. ;) He's fabulous though.

Thats it for tonite guys. comment with thoughts or complaints.

<333 Lynds
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