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Lady in the blue dress

[x] Name & Nicknames: Name - Ashley Nicknames - Ash, Zoe.
[x] Age: 14
[x] Gender: Female
[x] Location: Florida
[x] Sex Preference: Bisexual

[x] Name three things you like:
1. Photography
2. CSI
3. Brandon Allen
[x] Name three movies you like and why:
1. Donnie Darko. Because, I love the ending and, the whole plot.
2. Nightmare Before Christmas. Because, it's just a great movie.
3.  Finding Nemo. Because, it's just too cute.
[x] Name three bands you like and the song you like from them:
1. Alkaline Trio - Radio.
2. Senses Fail - Bite To Break Skin.
3. SugarCult - Pretty Girl.
[x] favorite actor? Johnny Depp
[x] favorite Actress? Angelina Jolie
[x] Color? Neon Green, Pink, Black, Yellow.
[x] Singer/Band? Alkaline Trio
[x] TV show? CSI
[x] Place & Why? My friends Vinny house because, it's just so much fun there.

[x] Why do you think your sexy? Because, I am just me.
[x] Pet peeves? I have way too many...but, some are FEET, people chewing with thier mouth open, people talking when I am watching TV/ a movie...etc.etc.etc
[x] Favorite part of yourself (physical)? Eyes.
[x] Favortite part of yourself (personality)? Sarcasm.
[x] Try to make us laugh! How many emo kids does it take to screw in a light bulb? None, because, they like to sit in the dark and cry.
[x] Do you have any tattoos? Nope.
[x] Do you have any peircings? My ears.
[x] Promote this community and show a link: EffYouAurora
[x] How did you find out about us? A friend.
[x] Why do you want to be in this community?  Because, I love to be in community and, I promote a lot!

Thoughts on...
[x] Suicide: I think it's just stupid. If you kill yourself you are just hurting all the people around you. It doesn't solve anything.
[x] Drinking: It's fine to me if you don't hurt anybody.
[x] Drugs: I'm fine with weed but, I think hardcore drugs are just fucking retarded.
[x] Being Labeled: Labels are for soups, not for people.
[x] Sex: I think it's okay if you aren't married if you think it's the right person but, whoring around isn't the best idea, yet.

[x] Post a picture of something or someone you like/love

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