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[x] Name & Nicknames: michele. meesh. shell. my bell. meech
[x] Age: 18
[x] Gender: female
[x] Location:  Long Beach, ca
[x] Sex Preference: straight.  but i kiss girls.

[x] Name three things you like:
1. eyeliner
2. local shows
3. cats
[x] Name three movies you like and why:
1. frailty - rockin suspense
2. heavyweights - funniest hour and a half ever
3. murder by numbers - sandra bullock is massively talented, and michael pitt is sexy
[x] Name three bands you like and the song you like from them:
1. brand new - no seatbelt song
2. a static lullaby - the shooting star that destroyed us all
3. the early november - come back
[x] favorite actor?  michael pitt
[x] favorite Actress? sandra bullock
[x] Color? gray
[x] Singer/Band? all time favorite? Fallout boy
[x] TV show?  animal cops detroit
[x] Place & Why? mm.. call me crazy, but its a little place called the Thirsty Isle where my family (about 40 of us) meets for stuff like birthdays, baseball games, or to just hang out.  i love being with my family.. there's no better feeling then to be in a room with people that love you and you love back.

[x] Why do you think your sexy? people say i have a sexy mouth.  i duno, i've trained myself to give seductive looks.. and they usually work too!
[x] Pet peeves? umm.. water around a sink.  i hate that! also.. people with bad hygiene.  yuck.
[x] Favorite part of yourself (physical)?  my mouth.
[x] Favortite part of yourself (personality)? i'm really forgiving and patient
[x] Try to make us laugh! if two potatos are standing on a corner, how do you know which one the prostitute is?'s the one that says IDAHO.   (haha, ohh man i think that's so funny.)
[x] Do you have any tattoos? nope.
[x] Do you have any peircings? yeah. 6 lobe piercings, one cartiledge on my ear, an industrial, my nose and my nipples
[x] Promote this community and show a link: watchxyouxchoke
[x] How did you find out about us? through a friends LJ info
[x] Why do you want to be in this community? becaause, it seems lovely :o)

Thoughts on...
[x] Suicide: terrible.  so sad for somebody to result to that
[x] Drinking: is fun, if done responsibly
[x] Drugs:  bad bad bad.
[x] Being Labeled: meh.. it happens... accept it and move on.
[x] Sex: umm... i like it. alot.

[x] Post a picture of something or someone you like/love

.   my cousin Julie (aka Beana) she's the goofiest girl ever, she's also the most beautiful person i know.
[x] Post at least two or more pictures of yourself.

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