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I mario have decided to take the job of layout person. But there is little rules i made about it.

1. Suggestions are Necessary
2. Nobody Pressure Me
3. If unhappy with the job only mods can say for me to fix it.
4. Themes should follow as a layout.
5. If the community still runs dry I will step down from the job.

Im wasn't trying to be strict or anything like showing that im boss no no not at all im not the boss. Amy is the head mod so shes my boss.

-New layout should be done in about a week or 2.

Thanks guys
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woo! new layout looks hott...ma-ri-oh.

I dont like how the layout goes with the theme for the week. Idk i think it should just be made simple so it doesnt have to change every week. Thats my opinion though. I dont know how Amy feels. I guess its up to her since Joanne likes it,