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[x] Name & Nicknames:
Justine [archie, stine, teeny, hooters]
[x] Age: 16
[x] Gender: female
[x] Location: newark, california
[x] Sex Preference: male

Name three things you like:
1. skateboarding
2. stars
3. checkers
[x] Name three movies you like and why:
1. texas chainsaw massacre [it's scary, and it puts you on the edge of your seat, and it's based on a true story. and he was never caught.]
10 things i hate about you [it an awesome movie, it's so cute. i love how the end up together.]
3.</b> love and basketball [i love that movie, it's so sad and it's so real.]
[x] Name three bands you like and the song you like from them
1.</b>dashboard confessional. [i like all their songs but my fav is vinicated.]
2.underOath [love when the sun sleeps, such a good song.]
3.matchbook romance [promise, i love it.]
[x] favorite actor? johnny depp
[x] favorite Actress?julia stiles
[x] Color?hot pink
[x] Singer/Band? chris carrabba
[x] TV show?viva la bam.
[x] Place & Why?doesnt matter to me.

[x] Why do you think your sexy?
my awesome personality. i love it.
[x] Pet peeves?really rude jerks, and alot of chest hair, too many pimples.
[x] Favorite part of yourself (physical)?my eyes, they are this pretty green color.
[x] Favortite part of yourself (personality)?im very out going, and i love to have fun.
[x] Try to make us laugh!tallywacker
[x] Do you have any tattoos? nope, soon hopefully.
[x] Do you have any peircings? my ears are stretched. [only to an 8.]
[x] Promote this community and show a link:vivalajustine
[x] How did you find out about us? i was just looking around and you guys stood out.
[x] Why do you want to be in this community?because it's a great way to met people, and i think this community looks awesome.

Thoughts on...
[x] Suicide:
im not for it because i dont think you should end life because everything's going wrong. because i know how it feel's but everything must come up eventually.
[x] Drinking: drinking i dont mind it, unless you abuse it. i drink for fun but not every day or anything. i also think it's your choice and no one elses, and if someone doesnt want to drink dont force them.
[x] Drugs:drugs their cool, i feel almost the same about drinking. if someone doesnt want to definetly do not force them. it's someone's own choice, not yours. let them do what the want.
[x] Being Labeled: i really dont want to be labeled it sucks. because if you dress a certain way you can only be that label. and i certainly dont want to be held down to being one thing, i want to be an indiviual and do what i want to do.
[x] Sex:i think sex is overrated. ive never had sex before. i dont plan on either for a while. i think sex is something you should have when you really care about someone. you have to be ready for it.

[x] Post a picture of something or someone you like/love.

[x] Post at least two or more pictures of yourself.

[me being ridicously stupid lol.]

thanks for reading. enjoi
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